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About Red Horse Vineyard B&B

Founders Carl Londene and Donna Londene, moved to the farm in 1968 and poured their lives into making it the beautiful oasis in the desert that it is known as today. Donna’s passion for welcoming guests and making them feel at home still lingers in the walls and is carried on by her daughters and granddaughters. Carl & Donna’s hard work, hospitality, and creative talents, combined with their love of family and the land, have formed a beautiful treasure and legacy we are proud to share with you.

Our historic location along El Camino Real immerses visitors in the passionate story New Mexico heritage. It’s in the area where the Confederate Army was camped during the Battle of Albuquerque, and is recorded as part of the Atrisco Spanish Heritage Land Grant. The stories passed down tell that the horses belonging to the Neosho Pony Express were stabled in our back acre. Our majestic cottonwood trees are as old as the grapevines that date back to the formation of the Spanish mission trails. Immerse yourself in history as you sip our wine and spot artifacts from around the farm – antique bottles and insulators, grinding stones from when the Tewa Indians settled along the Rio Grande, remnants of wagons and horse tack, cooking vessels and more!

Vineyard History

Wine and apple cider making began here in the late 1800’s, according to the son of one prior owner in 1870. The original winemaking equipment we have since found in the basement included a press, crusher, 6 and 12 gallon fermenting crocks, wood barrels, bottles and various other tools, just as the Ellis family left it in 1947.

In 1968, Carl Londene purchased the property and had unknowingly became a vintner. At that time, the grapes in the arbor were in very poor condition and had grown to the top of some 30-foot elm trees. Upon acquiring the property, the Londene’s took on the daunting task of removing 180 elm and cottonwood trees, rebuilding the arbor by re-stringing the wires, then planting new grapes where some of the original had died.

Although unidentified, one original white grape still produces for us. It is the last one to ripen in late September, turning shades of brown and producing an excellent juice that makes for a great wine with absolutely no sugar required. It reminds us of the sweet life we have made here and the joys we get to share with our guests.

a family owned

& Managed Business

Phil & Darlene Capshaw

Owners and Innkeepers

Having been raised on the farm, Darlene re-creates her treasured memories and the lifestyle of growing up on a rural farm near the city. Daily tasks like canning fresh produce grown in the garden, making jam from fruit on the orchard trees, or even simple things like gathering eggs and nurturing seedlings – it’s all part of a home-grown lifestyle. Phil merges his global experiences in the military with the everyday tasks of living on the farm. Phil and Darlene raised their daughters on the farm until the family was transferred to Europe. So many wonderful memories are etched into our family’s lives because of every simple, beautiful, and genuine moment we have experienced here.

Carl E. Londene


Carl is a Kansas born Swede and proud of it – so much so that our logo is a Swedish Dala Horse! His vision and wealth of experience makes Red Horse Vineyard ‘the farm that Carl built.’ He is an artist, as vintner of Red Horse Winery and is full of many other talents such as making the best homemade ice cream in the world! Guests can listen to his stories of the farm as they taste his wines, see his paintings, and admire the pottery he poured and carved. Every nook in the house and farm tell a rich story of history and life.